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16' Shipping Containers

How Much Can Fit in a 16-Foot Pod?


A 16-foot container is 20’ long, 8’ wide, and 8.5’ tall. Based on these measurements, it has approximately 26 cubic meters of space, which is about the same as two full-sized pick-up trucks!

What Are the Dimensions of a 16-Foot Shipping container?


The interior of a standard container is relatively spacious. The walls range from just over 4’10” to 5’8” tall, and the floor measures 6’ 10” from end to end. The outside dimensions are 20 ft x 8.6 ft x 8.6 ft or 5364mm long x 26 56mm wide x 2656mm high.


What Is the Weight Capacity of a 16-Foot Shipping Container?


A standard 16-foot shipping container is rated to carry up to 26,000 lbs of cargo. So, even if the container is only half full, it has a hefty capacity and enough room for large items.


Are Shipping Containers Waterproof?


Yes, a standard shipping container is waterproof and sealed to protect your valuables from the elements. Whether in transport, storage, or dry dock, items secured in a properly maintained shipping container will be safe from water damage.

Uses for Shipping Containers


People can make a variety of portable storage units from shipping containers. They can also double as a small shelter on a job site or as a backyard shed for your gardening tools and lawnmower.


These days, some people are modifying shipping containers as full-time residences both in the US and abroad. They're a popular way to create tiny affordable homes out of something most people would normally throw away.


How Much Does a 16-Foot Shipping Container Cost?


Shipping containers get rated by grades. Grade A containers are brand new, in the original manufacturer's packaging. Grade B containers are used and may have minor cosmetic damage such as scrapes or faded paint. Grade C containers are "like new" - a few years old but only minimally damaged from transport, still with plenty of life left in them.


The cost of a used or new 16-foot standard shipping container ranges anywhere from $2,000 to $24,000. The final price often depends on the condition and whether you're looking for new or used storage containers.


At Portable Storage Box, we aim to be your partner in shipping container manufacturing. After over two decades of providing quality storage container solutions to clients worldwide, we guarantee that you can trust our products to last for years to come. Call today to ask about our 16-foot container options!

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