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20 Foot Shipping & Storage Containers

What Can You Fit in a 20-ft. Container?


20-ft. shipping containers are flexible and can be used for various purposes, including industrial storage and jobsite storage, or they can be repurposed for home, office, or commercial purposes.


When renting or purchasing a shipping container, it is excellent for inventory storage and onsite construction. Other notable benefits of choosing a new or used shipping container include increased security and safety for keeping items in remote locations.


Suppose you're searching for a unique solution to a common problem, such as housing or creating an offsite location for your workshop, studio, or suite for extended family members. In that case, shipping containers offer a flexible, affordable, and functional solution. Not only are you giving the storage container a second chance to serve, but you're also reducing waste by repurposing something already manufactured.


What's the Difference Between a New and Used Storage Container?


New shipping containers are always more expensive than used ones, but they come with a warranty and are built to meet current safety codes.


They also offer more outstanding durability over time, which will save you on future maintenance costs. New storage containers can be customized in many ways, such as choosing the color for your doors, whereas older models might not have personalization options.


New shipping containers can cost anywhere from $2,500 and up. Water and wind-tight containers start at around $1,500, and cargo-worthy containers begin at approximately $1,900 each. Please note, these pricing models don't include expenses for shipping or for making customizations for repurposing.

How Many Square Feet Are There in a 20-ft. Shipping Container?


There are 450 square feet in a 20-ft. shipping container. This number is equal to 0.14 acres of surface area or about the size of a football field.


What Is the Weight Capacity for a 20-ft. Shipping Container?


The maximum payload for these containers ranges from 18,000 to over 30,000 pounds.


What Are the Interior/Exterior Dimensions of a 20-ft. Shipping Container?


The interior dimensions are 228 inches long by 88.25 inches wide, and the exterior dimensions are 229.25 inches by 89 inches by 78 inches.


What Is the Volume of a 20-ft. Shipping Container?


There are about 16 cubic yards inside one 20-ft. shipping container.


What Is the Width of a 20-ft. Shipping Container?


The width of a standard 20-foot shipping container is around 8 to 9 feet. With this much interior space, there is plenty of room to safely store away oversized items that require more space to be accommodated.


Are Shipping Containers Waterproof?


Our containers are watertight and can effectively protect their contents from the elements, including rain, snow, wind, and the sun.

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