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Galvanized Steel Portable Storage Containers

The Galvanized Even Box with the galvanized corrugated roof is our most popular storage unit. Customers love that there is a rust-free box available to them.
Other companies sell painted/powder-coated boxes.
Click here to see those quality issues.

Primary features:

  • 15-minute assembly - receive and rent units the same day!

  • Galvanized steel construction based on over 20 years of research and development

  • Galvanized corrugated steel roof

  • Galvanized base and corners

  • Doors are galvanized prior to powder-coat application

  • Wall panels are galvanized prior to powder-coat application

  • Stainless steel exterior hardware, door handles, and hinges

  • Large door opening of 76"Wx86"H

  • Non-skid marine plywood floor

  • Most options are included in base price because we do not nickle and dime every component!

  • Interior E-track and tie-down rings

  • Vents

  • Fork pockets

  • Fittings for most delivery methods included

  • Stack 3 high fully loaded

  • 10,000 lb cargo capacity

  • 120mph wind rating

  • 5' snow load on roof


  • Custom signs

  • Doors on both ends (or other positions)

  • Wheels

  • Anti-condensation spray

  • Heavy-duty round lock setup (also called van lock or hockey puck lock)

  • Lockbox

  • Insulation

  • Diamondplate steel floor

  • Customized sizes available

  • Customized colors available

Additional Features:

  • Watertight

  • Fire resistant

  • Easily replaceable components



Whether you need portable storage for your personal or business items or you're looking to start a storage and rental unit business, galvanized portable storage is an affordable solution. These portable units set up in just 15 minutes, and any of the components can be replaced.


What a Galvanized Portable Storage Box Is


Galvanized portable storage boxes are storage units with a floor, four walls, a 76-inch wide by 86-inch tall door, and a seamless roof made of aluminum or steel. They can be loaded onto a truck bed assembled or disassembled. They can sit on a concrete pad outdoors, which makes them a convenient option for temporary storage. They can be loaded onto large storage racks and placed in a vertical orientation, much like pallets of items in a warehouse are placed on tall shelving units. The outside can be labeled for ease of locating them in a large storage facility or yard. The inside offers a non-skid bamboo flooring that is weather-proof and slip-resistant. They're water-tight and fire-resistant for safety and protection.


When to Use a Galvanized Storage Box


There are many times to consider a smooth portable storage box for your needs. If you're remodeling your home, this type of storage unit can be set up in your driveway to hold your furniture and belongings. If you plan to sell your home, real estate agents suggest removing at least one-third of your belongings in order to make the space more inviting to potential buyers. Many business owners purchase supplies in bulk or work ahead to produce an inventory for the rush season. A portable storage box can hold the excess items that don't fit in your workspace or on the floor of your retail shop.

Who Uses Portable Storage Containers? 


A portable storage container is a container that can be transported, picked up, and delivered to a local warehouse or your new home for storage. Storage containers are durable, secure, and sturdy and play a significant role in keeping things safe and secure. However, portable storage containers can be either for residential use or business use. 


There are various reasons that a homeowner may purchase or lease a portable storage container. If you want to relocate to a new home or city, and you may take some time before moving into your new home, a storage container can act as a secure storage place for your items. If you are renovating your home or building a new home, a portable storage container can keep you organized and track. You can customize and create a home from shipping containers to live a low-maintenance lifestyle and save money. 


If you have a construction company, you can convert a portable container to a toilet facility or store. And instead of having your workers move from place to place in search of food, you can modify a container to act as a food truck, café, or coffee bars. You can also modify portable storage containers to serve as a playhouse, workshop or office, patio or deck, pool, sauna, garden, or hotel. 

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