When you need more portable storage, be happy that numerous options exist. Many people these days choose storage solutions that make the most use out of space, ensuring they can store all of their essential items.


If you're moving or relocating, a storage unit is useful. You can load and unload the units, keeping all of your possessions safe throughout the process. They are transportable and can also be used for long-term storage. 


Mini containers are a distinctive offering from the Portable Storage Box Company. They have the benefits of ocean-going ISO containers but without the heavy weight. That makes them even more accessible for moving and storage. It's impossible to beat our prices, and with mini boxes, you get the lower cost coupled with a rich feature set.


Get Ready for Decluttering

For people who have too much stuff, but don't have the heart to throw it all away, a mini container is ideal. Put things that aren't bad enough to get rid of altogether into storage, and deal with them down the road. That's a valid solution for people who accumulate too many items and run out of usable space to keep it all.


With sizes ranging from 5x8 to 8x15, there's a solution for everyone. Whether you're staging your house and needing to free up a lot of room or you are relocating to a different part of the world, our solutions will help. Contact us today and speak with a rep about your project. The last thing you want to worry about when moving is damaging your valuable items. You won't need to with our heavy-duty, reliable storage units.


People moving to smaller dwellings will also benefit from storage. Not everyone has ample time to get rid of things in order. Some will need to save them and make decisions later. Storage solutions are ideal for doing that, and you can store every item you want if necessary. Our distinctive units are lightweight, but handle up to 12,000 pounds. No matter what size your project, we have something that will fit your needs. 


When you need storage, contact the Portable Storage Box Company. Get the best containers in the business at affordable prices and experience our leading service. Our innovative solutions make your part of the job much easier.

The Mini Container is one of our original products! It provides the strength of an ocean container without the weight burden of an ISO container.

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