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Portable Storage Containers Price: How Much Do They Cost?

Storage containers, shipping containers, freight containers, portable storage boxes—whatever you want to call them, they are a versatile asset for residential and commercial uses alike. If you’re in the market for quality storage containers to protect your equipment, documents, furniture, or inventory, read on to find out how much it will cost and the factors that can affect the final price. 


How Much Does a Portable Storage Container Cost?


The simple answer is that there is no set price for a portable storage container. This is because many factors determine how much a shipping container costs. 


We can only give you the average cost of these boxes. Even then, we recommend window shopping for different containers and comparing processes before settling for a specific one.


Factors Determining the Cost of a Storage Container


1. Size of the container

A big container will cost more than a small container. We recommend getting a storage container that is the right size for your needs to stay within budget. Avoid wasting money on a big container when you have very few items to store.


On the other hand, though a small container may be cheaper, it may not be a perfect fit for you if you intend to store many items. Regardless of the cost, we advise buyers to get a container size suitable for their intended use. 


2. Renting Vs. Buying

We are often asked the cheaper option between renting and buying. To respond, we first look at the budget at hand then advise accordingly. A customer is likely to incur more costs when renting. This is because we also include transportation fees from the rental company to the delivery point on top of the rental charges. 


We also charge for any modification done on the container, although such charges are billed monthly and added to the rent.


Buying, on the other hand, has an initial high cost. Prices will vary depending on the type of container in question. The price is also bound to go up if any customization is done on the container.


The question of whether to buy or rent in terms of cost-effectiveness is relative. We advise that, before settling, consider just how long you need the storage container. You do not need to buy a storage container if you need it for a short period.


3. Used Vs. New

Whether to buy a new or used storage container is a matter of personal preference and, of course, budget restrictions. Each type of container has its pros and cons. A brand new storage unit will cost more than a used one.


A new storage unit will be in pristine condition with no dents and scratched. You also have the option of customizing your container as you please. It is easier and safer to modify a new container since they are free from any contamination. If your budget allows, we recommend getting a new container.


A used container is not so bad either. For starters, they are cheaper. Depending on the purpose for which you intend to use them, used containers are perfect. You can modify them into decent structures such as ablution blocks or market stalls.


4. Add on features available

A plain storage container costs less than one which has been modified. We charge more to customize a storage container. There are a variety of add-ons available and each costs differently.


To save, we usually advise customers to purchase used containers with after-market add-ons.


Some common types of storage add-ons include ramps, shelving and lockboxes. The ramps ensure faster loading and off-loading of goods while shelving and lockboxes optimize the container's storage space. 


For a more sophisticated look, we can add a shaded area close to your storage unit. A shaded area is suitable if you intend to use your container as a vending area.

All add-on features come at an extra cost.


5. Location and delivery

Portable containers are big, heavy and quite challenging to transport. The cost of transporting these containers will vary depending on how far you want them transported.


Additionally, transporting a shipping container needs special equipment and vehicles. Not only do you need special equipment, but also trained personnel to transport your container.


Before transporting, you have to think about insurance coverage and clearance from local authorities. Remember that delivery companies charge according to how far you want your container transported. Usually, there is a standard fixed cost before delivery is initiated.


The cost of delivery is also dependent on the size of the container.


6. Seasonal changes

This may come as a surprise but seasons affect the cost of buying a container. Containers tend to cost more when there is high demand for them. The price will also drop significantly when the demand for them is low.


What Do You Look for When Buying a Storage Container?


Buying a storage container is a breeze once you understand the cost determinants. Apart from cost, there are also other factors you need to pay attention to.

1. Material

The material used to make a storage container should be non-corrosive. This material should also be strong and durable. We recommend getting steel storage container boxes.


2. Locking arrangements

The safety of your goods is paramount. Therefore, a good container should have a good locking system. It will help if the locking system is automated. For added security, choose a container that comes with an alarm fitted on the door.


3. Dents and scratches

Take a closer look at the exterior of the storage container. Look out for Dents and scratches. Although they are normal on used containers, dents and scratches are an eyesore and should be avoided. To avoid incurring repair costs, we advise that you buy new storage containers.


4. Interior finishing

Pay close attention to the interior. Check the doors, seals and any other fixtures for damage. Do not forget to check for mold and rust, especially on used containers. The interior of the unit needs to be watertight with no holes in the walls or floors.


5. Guarantees and warranty

When you buy a new storage container, ensure it comes with a warranty. A lot of companies also offer warranties and guarantees in cases of damage.

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