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Secure Portable Storage Containers for Sale

We offer a variety of products to give you the best portable storage container solution.


PSB's most popular portable storage unit. Avoid the problems all those other manufacturers have with rusty units in just a few short years.

The Galvanized Even Box is fully customizable with your signs, colors, and interior fittings.


Features include heavy-duty steel doors, roof, base, and frame with sleek, lightweight steel wall panels. 

Relocatable Self Storage Boxes are fully customizable and are available in our standard 8' widths, 10' widths, and larger warehouse options.

portable storage units, mobile storage, universal storage containers, smooth box


The Mini Container was our original storage unit offered in multiple sizes.  It has heavy-duty steel doors, roof, base, and walls.  


The Mini Container is fully customizable with signs and color options.

portable storage units, mobile storage, universal storage containers, smooth box


The Pro Box is one of our original storage solutions. Features include a heavy-duty steel base and frame with galvanized steel wall and roof panels.  

The Pro Box is fully customizable with signs and colors.

Secure Portable Storage Containers for Sale

Industries We Service


  • Construction: Storage containers are essential to the construction industry. Contractors can store construction equipment, machinery, and materials. They can also use these containers as temporary offices. 

  • Education: Schools can use storage containers for desks, lockers, sports equipment, textbooks, documents, and more.


  • Moving: When renovating or downsizing your home, you can use a storage container to store your possessions. For business owners, you can keep your office files and equipment in a container during significant renovations or moves.


  • Automotive: The automotive industry can use storage containers to store tires, tools, auto parts, vehicles, and empty barrels. 


  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies can use these containers to store raw materials, finished goods, special tools, supplies, and bulk stocks.


  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry can use containers to store medical equipment, wheelchairs, hospital waste, stretchers, furniture, and medical supplies. 

  • Agriculture: The agriculture sector needs these containers as they can use them to store agricultural supplies, heavy agricultural machines, and farm equipment and tools.

  • Retail: Retailers can use storage containers as storefronts or for storage. They can also store their products in them when their retail shops are being renovated. 

  • Warehousing: Storage containers can provide additional space for supplies and inventory, and they can be easily transported. 

  • Government: State governments that need extra space for disaster relief, military supplies, offices, and shelters can use storage containers for these purposes.


What Are the Different Types of Shipping Containers?


When in need of a storage container, there are typically three different types of containers that you can choose: new, used, or refurbished. 


New shipping containers are containers that no one has used. Although they are more expensive when compared to other storage containers, most of them are always in good condition, and their life span is long.


A used storage container is a container that has been previously used for storage. It is likely to have surface rust, dings, and dents. Some of its colors are likely to have faded. Although the appearance of such a container is likely not to impress you, the container is expected to be cheaper than a new storage container. 


Refurbished storage containers are used storage containers that have been spruced up. Not only will they look better than used containers, but they’re likely to have a longer lifespan.


The Available Sizes of Storage Containers


We offer 8', 10', 19', 12', 20' and 16 'storage containers. You can use 8' for residential purposes, such as the storage of garden tools and sporting equipment. You can use the 10' or 12' container as office containers or guard your possessions or office files. 


If you want a container for on-site storage, the 16' or 19' is the perfect container to use. However, if you have many things to store, use the 20' storage container since it is big enough. 


A storage container is one thing you need to buy if you often wonder where you will store your items. You can use it to store your possessions when renovating your home or you can use it as a temporary home. If you own a school, you can use it as a storage space for books or an exam room.

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