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Relocatable Storage Units for Self-Storage Companies

When it comes to storage, convenience and modularity are two very important factors. Relocatable storage units can help to ease your storage problems by allowing you to increase your storage capacity temporarily or permanently. The design and availability of these units make them the perfect choice for any self-storage company that needs to set up or expand its storage capabilities.

Applications of Relocatable Storage Units


If you have an existing storage facility and simply need to increase the number of units you own, relocatable storage units are an excellent option.


Some properties may also have unused corners or just be underutilized as a whole. Relocatable storage units can give such locations increased usefulness. For land that can't accommodate permanent construction, but on which you would need to install temporary buildings, these units are an excellent choice.


Relocatable storage units require virtually no maintenance and, once purchased and placed, are able to generate additional income quickly due to increased storage and usage capabilities. You won't need to spend much, if any, of your additional income on keeping the unit clean and intact.

Aesthetically, self-storage units can come in a variety of colors and, with improving technology and creativity, manufacturers are creating better fitting units that are appealing to the eye and feature enhanced functionality. This means that you can have the unit customized based on your needs.

They are also easy to install, since you don't need any foundation or base. As your self-storage company grows and demand increases, you'll be able to quickly and efficiently expand your storage capacity by purchasing additional relocatable self-storage units and installing them. If you find yourself needing to expand, installation of a new unit can take approximately six to seven weeks to complete a full installation.
There may also come a time where you'd like to change the location of an existing unit. This can be done simply enough with a forklift, allowing you to move a unit to another location quickly and easily.


You'll also be able to use relocatable self-storage boxes in areas where permanent construction isn't allowed, which means that you'll be able to expand your storage offering without needing to worry about gaining permits or costly construction work.

What Should You Know About Relocatable Storage Boxes?

Fabricating relocatable storage units is slowly changing the industry. Their materials, design, portability, and placement create a new dimension in storage. You can have them directly on-site or farther away from your building.

Keep in mind that you will need to refer to the land lease and confirm if any permits are required before taking on these relocatable storage units.

Why Choose Portable Storage Box?

Portable storage boxes bring versatility and improvised storage solutions. They enhance any storage facility by adding capacity and design to your self-storage facility. Don’t get cramped in your small space, call Portable Storage Box for a free quote on self-storage unit manufacturing!

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