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What to Look for in Portable Storage Container Manufacturers

Buying the correct portable storage container will roughly depend on your preference. Not all our containers are the same; instead, they differ in structure, reliability, cost, and mobility.


Making the wrong decision could have an effect on the amount of storage and versatility your storage container offers, preventing you from using our storage containers as efficiently as possible. Here’s what to look for in a portable storage container so that you can make the most of your long-term self-storage investment: 

Situations Where It Makes Sense to Invest in Portable Storage Containers

Starting a Moving Company or Storage Company That Uses Pods


Mobile containers can significantly improve customer parcels' transportation from one location to another as they're easy to load into trucks. Furthermore, they are made from durable materials, making these containers difficult to penetrate and guaranteeing optimal security and stability to the customer’s belongings.


Expanding a Moving or Storage Company

Investing in storage containers can provide more space to store client goods and items. With the extra capacity, your storage business has more room to hold goods, ultimately increasing revenue and creating room for expansion. It also takes away the need to pay expensive rent on large storage units, allowing you to fund your storage business's upscaling. Portable containers provide the flexibility you need to carry out local, national, and even international cargo transportation.

Long-Term Onsite Storage

For onsite construction or renovation projects, purchasing a portable container can provide cheaper storage, making it more affordable over time than if you rented the container from another company. Onsite containers alleviate unnecessary fuel, effort and delivery expenses associated with offsite warehouse storage.

Other Uses of Portable Storage Containers


Storing Belongings During Remodeling


Storage containers are ideal for containing your belongings during home renovations. They provide ample space and security to protect your items. Stainless steel containers are sturdy and preserve your stuff away from paints, water, dust, cement, and poor weather that can ruin your possessions during the renovation.

Water Damage Remediation


A leaky pipe or damaged valve can flood your home, causing mold growth, rot, and furniture damage. Our storage containers are comprised of steel galvanized smooth boxes that are rust-resistant, making them ideal for use during home water remediation. Our portable containers' corrugated walls reinforce their durability and waterproofing properties, keeping your sensitive items safe from water damage.

What to Look for in a Portable Storage Container Manufacturer Before Buying


Years of Experience

Always opt to purchase a storage container from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. Ideally, you'll want to seek out those with several years of experience as the level of quality is incomparable to those with the least amount of experience.


Check if They Have a U.S.-based Assembly

A storage container manufacturer with a local assembly plant will make it easy for you to access the available container options. Furthermore, you will have first-hand insight into the structural integrity and quality of the containers produced.

Do They Provide Repair Services?

Containers, such as stainless steel, while made for long-term use, gradually wear down in time and need repair. Manufacturers that provide repairs make it easy to maintain and modify your container as you see fit.

Different Types Of Portable Storage Containers Available


Portable storage containers come in two main varieties, which include:


  • Standard containers - These variants are 8 feet tall and come in different sizes, such as 20, 40, and 45 feet in length.

  • High-cube containers - These containers offer more space and are significantly larger than the standard type.


Both portable storage containers feature two main doors. Roll-up doors are light but provide poor protection against water. Swing-out doors are tough and provide excellent security against break-ins and rodent infestations. Moreover, these storage boxes are made up of plywood or metal floors. Depending on your preference, you may opt for wood floors that are waterproof or durable metal flooring that can accommodate heavy weight without breaking.


Our portable containers are ideal for both long and short-term storage. We provide cost-effective and self-storage solutions to enhance businesses and individuals with adequate space and flexibility.

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