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10' Shipping Containers

A 10-foot container is an ideal option a smaller volume of goods. However, some freight companies prefer stocking only 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers because they’re safer and easier to stack.

While 10-foot containers might not be needed when transporting goods by sea, they’re a great option for transporting small loads over land. Not only are they easier to transport, but they also cost less to ship and leave a smaller carbon footprint. 


10-foot shipping containers can easily fit into most driveways and even single parking spaces, which adds to their convenience when transporting them over land. 


A 10-foot shipping container has around 72 square feet of flooring—about half the size of a single-car garage. However, if you opt for a high cube container, you also get an extra foot of height. 


A 10-foot shipping container can be used to conveniently transport the belongings of a small one-bedroom flat, making them the preferred shipping option for single people and students.

Why Is the 10 x 10 Right for My Business? 

The 10 x 10 storage unit size is popular as it can accommodate large items such as mattresses. It can hold roughly the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. There are several reasons why this would work for businesses, too. 

The Ideal Size for Most Self-Storage Units

A 10 x 10 size storage unit is roughly the size of a small room, and for businesses that have to store seasonal items, pieces of furniture, or tools during the year, a storage unit comes in handy. 

Several Benefits for Businesses

Some of the benefits of using storage facilities include: 

  • Business owners don't have to store their business contents at home, keeping their garages and closets free for personal belongings.

  • You can pack the unit according to your needs, even vertically, to use up every square foot of the unit. You can also add shelving units for ease of access. It's worth knowing these units have roughly 72 square feet of floor space. 

  • Businesses can store a wide range of items in these units, including clothing and equipment.

  • Upgrading to larger units is fairly simple. For instance, the 10 x 15 or 10 x 20 can accommodate roughly the same amount of furniture as a three-bedroom house. We use a storage unit size guide to help with the decision-making process. 

  • You can have more than one unit if the business requires it and categorize storage according to the items inside.

What Are the Interior/Exterior Dimensions of a 10-Foot Shipping Container?


Interior Dimensions


The internal dimensions of a 10-foot shipping container are 9’4” long, 7’10” high, and 7’8.5” inches wide. On the other hand, the internal dimensions of a 10-foot high cube are 9’6” long, 8’10” tall, and 7’8” wide. 


Exterior Dimensions

The exterior dimensions of a 10-foot shipping container are 10’ long, 8.5’ high, and 8’ wide. The exterior dimensions of a 10-foot high cube are 10’ long, 9.5’ tall, and 8’ wide. 

What Is the Weight Capacity of a 10-Foot Shipping Container?

The tare weight capacity of a 10-foot shipping container is 2,850 pounds (1300 kg), while the maximum cargo weight is about 19,530 pounds (8858.7 kg). 


Are Shipping Containers Waterproof?


Yes, our shipping containers are waterproof. They are made from hard-wearing steel capable of protecting the contents inside from any drastic temperature variations. However, it’s important to note that steel on its own is not entirely waterproof and can easily corrode. 


However, responsible shipping companies employ different methods such as anti-corrosion coating and routine maintenance to prevent that from happening. 


Call Portable Storage Box today for more information on our 10-foot shipping container options. We’ve been in the self-storage industry for over 20 years, manufacturing storage containers for businesses all over the world. 

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