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Relocatable Self Storage Containers

Easily expand without high construction and permitting costs. Utilize areas that prohibit construction to maximize rent on your property.
Other companies sell painted/powder-coated boxes.
Click here to see those quality issues.

Primary features:

  • 15-minute assembly - receive and rent units the same day!

  • Galvanized steel construction based on over 20 years of research and development

  • Galvanized corrugated steel roof

  • Galvanized base and corners

  • Doors are galvanized prior to powder-coat application

  • Wall panels are galvanized prior to powder-coat application

  • Stainless steel exterior hardware, door handles, and hinges

  • Non-skid marine plywood floor

  • Most options are included in base price because we do not nickle and dime every component!

  • Interior E-track and tie-down rings

  • Vents

  • Fork pockets

  • Fittings for most delivery methods included

  • Stack 3 high fully loaded

  • 10,000 lb cargo capacity

  • 120mph wind rating

  • 5' snow load on roof


  • Custom signs

  • Doors on both ends (or other positions)

  • Wheels

  • Anti-condensation spray

  • Heavy-duty round lock setup (also called van lock or hockey puck lock)

  • Lockbox

  • Insulation

  • Diamondplate steel floor

  • Customized sizes available

  • Customized colors available

  • Rollup doors

Additional Features:

  • Watertight

  • Fire resistant

  • Easy replaceable components

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