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Refrigerated Portable Storage Boxes

Our Refrigerated Box is for use in those seeking short or long term refrigerated storage. For example: restaurants, festivals, graduation parties, weddings, retail, etc.


  • Galvanized steel and aluminum plate

  • Unit is fully assembled, just install compressor

  • Pallet-sized, easy open/close doors

  • Stainless steel exterior hardware, door handles, and hinges

  • NSF rated components

  • Adaptable to delivery systems or leave in place

  • Fork Pockets

Refrigeration Components:

  • Adjustable refrigerator and freezer temperatures

  • -18° to 10°C/0° to 50° F temperature range

  • 208-230V/single phase

  • 18.4 to 24.2A (varies by size of unit)

  • 8' (2.4m) wide fully portable

  • 10', 16', 20' lengths (3m, 4.9m, 6.1m)

  • Custom project sizes available

  • Optional wheels available

  • Custom signs

  • Optional higher temperature controls (wine and other strict temperature storage needs)


Whether you are hosting a big party or need somewhere to put your restaurant’s ingredients, refrigerated storage is the way to go. At the Portable Box Storage Company, we manufacture and sell high-quality fridge boxes and reefers to clients who require a large storage space.


Here is what you need to know about refrigerated storage.


What are refrigerated boxes?


A refrigerated box is a type of storage where you can store a large amount of items that require cool temperatures to stay fresh. These boxes are usually used to store things like food, medicine, vaccines and even certain electronics. Refrigerated boxes can maintain your desired temperature for as long as five days. 


On top of that, they are also incredibly simple to maintain and are portable. You might be wondering when you would ever need to use one of these boxes. You may need to use a refrigerated box if you’re a restaurant owner, run a pharmacy, work in a hospital or live in a trailer. 


What are reefers?


Unlike a refrigerated box, reefers are much larger in size and are primarily seen attached to trucks. They are also generally more expensive than a refrigerated box as well. Another way to describe reefers is that they are the size of a trailer that are used to store and transport perishable goods. 


Reefers can have a temperature as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius to keep the products from going bad. You mainly see reefers used for delivering goods to stores, so they can restock their items.


Each type of refrigerated storage has their own unique traits, but they basically are used for the same purpose. If you require cold storage, contact us at 815-935-8383 for more information today.

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