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Restaurant Storage Solutions Using Shipping Containers

It’s easy to think of restaurant storage as only pantry shelves and walk-ins, but refrigerated and non-refrigerated portable restaurant storage boxes have made it easy for movable long- and short-term options. Portable Storage Box Company has you covered for a variety of durable, reliable storage solutions for your food business, whether it's a brick-and-mortar or you're always on the go.

Guide to Portable Restaurant Storage 

Portable restaurant storage provides extra space for food when standard storage isn’t available or extensive enough. For instance, portable storage solutions let catering companies accommodate their needs regardless of what the venue has available. This can especially be true for public events in the middle of open spaces. Food trucks can also find portable storage advantageous for festivals and other large-scale events where their standard capacity may not offer enough storage for their perishable and nonperishable items.  

Brick-and-mortar restaurants with outdoor entertainment areas can also benefit. Rather than staff having to go back and forth to carry the food from the kitchen, it’s easily accessible wherever they need it to be. Portable storage also provides the opportunity for food truck owners to host larger-scale events that exceed their current refrigeration capacity. 

Benefits of Using Portable Storage Boxes

Many restaurants are limited on usable storage space, which can be problematic whether they need long-term storage or a temporary solution, such as if they’re hosting events. Portable storage boxes provide the opportunity to store everything from seasonal decor to excess furniture. 

The storage boxes can also be beneficial during major renovations or for opening or closing a restaurant where items, such as large tables, might be in the way. It provides essential storage space your business currently needs while keeping the belongings close by without them being cumbersome or getting damaged.

Dry Storage

If you’re looking for dry storage, check out our mini containers and commercial smooth boxes. Both provide the short- and long-term storage your business needs for everything from an overflow of nonperishable food items to just-in-case seating that you may need for an outdoor event.  

The mini containers are pest-proof and waterproof yet still allow for ventilation. Commercial smooth boxes are also waterproof with additional features ranging from a non-skid bamboo floor to a galvanized steel design. 

Cold Storage 

Refrigerated storage boxes offer many benefits. For example, you don’t necessarily need to have or install a walk-in for the cold storage you need. One of the biggest perks is that both the freezer and refrigerator temperatures are adjustable so that you can set them according to your precise needs. Ask about our optional temperature control options for specialty items. The cold storage containers come assembled from the Portable Storage Box Company, so they're ready for use as soon as they arrive. Check out the additional optional features, including ramps and wheels.

Why Portable Storage Box Company? 

Call the Portable Storage Box Company when you need refrigerated and non-refrigerated portable storage for your restaurant. We can ship worldwide and provide you with as many containers as you require, with optional customization features that allow you to specify them to your preferences and particular needs. Browse our website for more information on steel vaults and refrigerated boxes to help your business with its goals. Contact us for a price quote and warranty details or if you need additional information about our products and services.

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